14 June 2019

Employee Success Story - Tiziana Varrecchia - Team Lead

Tiziana Varrecchia – Team Lead

“You never know what’s in store for you and where the opportunities hide, sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith.”
The Story
It’s amusing when I think about how everything began. My road to Bulgaria started actually in Bulgaria and precisely 4 years ago. I was studying at the University in Pisa back then, and my graduation program required an internship abroad. So, call it destiny or a coincidence, but four years ago, I came to Bulgaria as an intern for three months, only to go back to live and work here later.  My first experience in Bulgaria was positive. I liked everything here – the lifestyle, the culture, and the people, but honestly, I had no intention to move to Bulgaria. I planned to go back to Italy and find a good job. As it turned out, due to the challenging economic situation in my country and the tough labor market for young graduates, this wasn’t very easy. In Italy, I spent four years of sending applications, working temporary jobs, and looking for opportunities to find something stable with potential for future career development. It was really hard and very discouraging at times.  One day, while I was browsing the internet, I came across the EURES website, and I saw the job offer from Euroccor in Bulgaria. It immediately caught my attention, and even though I haven’t considered working abroad again, I said to myself, “Well, why not?”

My first interview took place in Torino, and I was impressed by Euroccor recruiters. They explained everything about living and working in Bulgaria very detailed, the relocation process and the work in Euroccor. The job-offer from Euroccor sounded very appealing to me, because as a master in International relations, I was looking for a job in an international company, where I can learn and develop my potential.  And so, my Euroccor journey begun!
Everything was new for me – a new country, a new company and a new project. I joined Euroccor as a client manager in the migration team of a newly launched project for digital and marketing solutions. Since the project was at the initial stage, in about a month, I was transferred to the more critical revision team, where I acquired substantial knowledge about the processes, the workflow, and the project dynamics.  A bit later, I was entrusted with the quality monitoring tasks of the team, which frankly was very challenging for me but also an essential part of my professional development.

Nevertheless, I just dived in with a lot of desire to learn and grow.  At this point, I realized that coming to Bulgaria to work for Euroccor was the right decision because the company provided me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and improve my skills. I guess, this is what made the difference for me, because on a later stage, when the project started to grow, Euroccor and my immediate manager recognized my potential and I was offered the position of Team Lead. Of course, I was very thrilled by the opportunity I was given and going back two years ago. I can say that I had no idea how much I will learn. Being a Team Lead in such a dynamic working environment inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and start expanding. At first, it was scary because I didn't feel prepared.  I had to learn on the job, be flexible, and stay open-minded. However, Euroccor teaches you exactly that; how to remain open to changes, to face challenges with confidence and how to use your skills effectively so you can achieve the team targets and goals. 
The Inspiration or Making a Difference
Sometimes life unfolds unexpectedly; You never know what’s in store for you and where the opportunities hide, you just need to take a leap of faith. I’m pleased I made the decision to come to work for Euroccor in Bulgaria because for me this is a big step forward in my life and my career. A decision that still brings me motivation for personal and professional growth.

Everyone in Euroccor would tell you that one of the most significant assets of the company is the people.  It’s very stimulating to come to work and to be able to interact and work together with so many smart people from different backgrounds. This is such a valuable experience for me in so many ways! What inspires me is to see my team succeeding, to see them working together towards a common goal. As a Team Lead making a difference for me means to be able to support my team, to build a strong relationship with them by being by their side in the daily challenges. It’s really fulfilling to know I have their trust, and I’m ready to help them grow personally and professionally.
Outside of Work
Like every young person, I have my passions and cooking and going to the cinema are two of them.  Now going to the cinema might sound way too ordinary, but the truth is that for me this a pleasurable experience. In fact, I’m fascinated by movies ever since I was a child. It was my dream to become an actress. Apart from that outside of work, I enjoy taking the time to cook something special and organize a cozy dinner for my friends. I also like to travel, and I wish I can make more time for this in the future. I definitely want to see the Bulgarian seaside and to explore the country more.
What’s next?

At least for several more years, I’m planning to stay in Bulgaria and build a nice life for myself.  I believe here in Euroccor, I have excellent opportunities to learn and to grow professionally. There will be more challenges to come, which means more knowledge, more experience. I like to remain open to everything that comes my way and use it as a chance for personal and professional growth. But probably my next big challenge will be to learn Bulgarian. It would be great to explore the culture and the country more!