15 July 2019

Employee Success Story - Kim Van Der Lit - Training Specialist

Kim van der Lit – Training specialist

“Surprise yourself with the possibilities when you take a risk.”
The Story
A lot of people are still asking me how I ended up in Bulgaria, and honestly, I still wonder. Taking risks, it’s not in my nature. Among my friends I’m known as a socially awkward person and coming to live and work in Bulgaria was rather a big surprise for everyone, including me. Though, already 2 years and I’m still here.  In the Netherlands I was working in a Sales position, but I was already looking for something else. One day my mother sent me a link to a job offer from a contact center in Portugal. I got in contact with them and passed the interviews, but something about the offer and the company didn’t speak to me, so I’ve decided not to go for it. However, the idea of working abroad started growing on me, and when I researched the options, Bulgaria somehow caught my attention. This is how I came across the job offer from Euroccor, and I applied. At the time, Bulgaria was a completely unknown country for me; I only knew that it exists and it’s located in Europe.

Unlike the previous interview with the Portuguese company, my interview with Euroccor went very smoothly. As a young 19 years old person, I had a lot of concerns and doubts about how it is going to be working in a foreign country, but the HR Department at Euroccor is amazing. They gave me a lot of confidence and comfort by being understanding and answering all my questions. Apart from that, everything from the airport pick up to finding my own apartment was arranged by Euroccor. This made an excellent impression on me and made the transition period really easy. All I had to do is start working.
I remember how homesick I felt during the first couple of days in Bulgaria. Every change comes with anxiety and fear of the unknown, and I wasn’t sure if I can fit in or make new friends. However, the working environment in Euroccor is so friendly that I felt instantly accepted here. Finding out how easy going, helpful and friendly people in the company are, not only gave me great comfort but also got me really excited about the future and the opportunities. 

At Euroccor, I started as a Sales Representative in on the of the projects, and I was occupying this position for 7 months. As a young person with a desire to grow, I was very hungry for knowledge, and I remember how interesting and dynamic the daily tasks were for me. We were hitting targets, taking on new challenges every day, learning new things/practices and all of this while having fun with your colleagues. It was better than I expected. Working in a company like Euroccor, along with so many professionals and people who are always excited to expand and go further, fueled me with a great deal of motivation. I guess this made an impression on the company and my direct responsible and I was promoted to an Expert Representative Outbound Sales. I recall now, how honored and even more motivated I felt. My newly acquired responsibilities that came with the new position were initially very challenging. Along with the familiar tasks, I also had to learn from scratch how to do QMs, to give feedbacks, and at the same time, I started working on improving some processes. All of this in a very dynamic business day, where every hour something can change that will require quick reaction and good decision-making skills. It was a challenge that I’m really happy I took because, for a short period of time, I’ve grown professionally but also personally.  A year after that an internal position for a Training specialist with Dutch has opened in the company. The idea for further career development as a trainer was very appealing to me, and I’ve decided to go for it. And here I am now.
Further learning, further growing. Being a training specialist is an opportunity for me to be a part of something significant. Transferring my knowledge to others is very satisfying. It makes you want to improve more and more.
Making A Difference
I believe that for a team to be successful, it's essential that everyone likes working with each other. The friendly atmosphere and the great people in Euroccor are very good motivation to come to work and give my best. It just makes everything so much easier.
For me making a difference means being enthusiastic, being energetic, and bringing over the vibe to all my colleagues. Working in a close team is more fun and, in this way, we can achieve much more. 
When giving training sessions to new hires, I always want to introduce them to Euroccor in the best way possible. I try to show them that here they can learn a lot by working hard, but they can also have fun every day – exactly like the first Euroccor company value states.
Outside the office
Outside the office, I like to explore the small and unknown places in Sofia with some friends. For a while, I thought I’d seen almost everything, but there is so much to be seen apart from the most known touristic and well-known places. There is a charm in the hidden areas of Sofia, like small coffee places, markets, parks, and the tiny streets full of blooming trees. In the summer I rent a bike, and I like to just ride around the city and see it in a different way. Sometimes I even forget that I’m in Sofia. 
What’s Next?
I don’t really have a set-in-stone plan for the future. I like where I am now, and I want to expand my knowledge and experience further. There is so much more to learn from my job in Euroccor. Whatever opportunities come my way, I will tackle, as long as I can learn and be challenged.  On the other hand, I want to start traveling around Bulgaria more and get to know the small towns and enjoy the wonderful nature. So, next on my bucket list is exploring Bulgaria more.