24 April 2019

Employee Success Story - Johan Smid - Team Lead

Johan Smid - Team Lead

“Success comes when you find fulfillment in everything you do”
The Story
My Euroccor story began 3 years ago when I was already looking for international professional opportunities. At the time I was living and working in Zwolle (NL), I’ve however always been intrigued by change and novel experiences, opportunities where I had to step outside of my comfort zone. Back in Holland, I studied Wildlife management, this because of my non-weathering fascination with nature and its many facets. Holland, as structured and micro-managed as it is, doesn’t offer much in the 3-dimensional realm of nature. This is how it all begun. While researching other countries and opportunities, I stumbled on several interesting options and quite expectedly, none of them in any way involved going to Bulgaria. As life shall not be tamed by the good intentioned motives of a mere mortal, Bulgaria was then exactly where I ended up. Initially, my plan was to enjoy the Bulgarian nature and its mountains for half a year and use the job as a means to this end. Now, 3 years later, having grown personally and professionally, I’ve once again found out, life plans you and not the other way around.

Every new beginning, especially in a foreign country can be challenging and full of obstacles, but it wasn’t like that for me. Among other positive things, Euroccor has a very good welcoming culture. From fully arranged relocation process to the way I was integrated into the team, I instantly felt accepted and part of the company.  This helps a lot because it allows you to focus on your job and on improving yourself professionally. I started my career in Euroccor as a Sales Representative in one of the biggest projects in the company and within 6 months my work was recognized and I was promoted to Senior Sales Representative. Even though I was occupying this position for a very short period of time, I really liked the newly acquired responsibilities and the feeling of being helpful to my colleagues. That didn’t go unnoticed and shortly after that, I was promoted to a Team Lead position of the Dutch team. To be honest, I was very proud but at the same time, I felt the weight of the responsibilities and the expectations. It was quite a challenge and as such provided plenty of opportunity to grow.

The Inspiration or Making a Difference
Being on a leading position in a fast-paced business, such as the BPO sector, is as challenging as it is existing. To work in such dynamic environment requires you to be flexible and to be able to make fast and difficult decisions every day. It’s not always easy to achieve that without accepting that you might fail. However, there is gold in every failure, an opportunity to improve and to do things better the next time. My inspiration comes from my team! I aim to lead by example, to be there for everyone and help them improve professionally and personally. That’s what Making A difference means to me.
Outside of Work
Two of my biggest passions are nature and climbing.  In my free time I use every occasion to go in the mountains and climb outdoor. Luckily Bulgaria offers beautiful mountains, lakes, valleys and rivers, many of them still untouched by humans. I enjoy travelling around the country, finding my next rock to conquer and simply enjoying the inner peace that nature reminds one of.
What’s next?
Even though we plan, strive and set goals, one never knows what is next. I have my dreams and ideas, but not yet a real vision on how I’ll get there. I’ll try to remain open and fully digest any chances, circumstances and experiences that will come my way. Anything is an opportunity for growth once you perceive it with the right mindset. I am still challenged by this. So what is next: Facing anything that comes to me with full responsibility.

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