22 November 2018

Lennart (Netherlands)

“The main reason why I’ve decided to work abroad is that I wanted to have a new experience, a fresh start. Back then I was unemployed and I heard about this job from a good friend, and thought ‘Why not?’. One month later I was here. I knew almost nothing about Bulgaria, apart from what Wikipedia had to say about this country. What I like the most about Bulgaria is how it surprised me in a positive way. I went without expectations, and was happily surprised by the scenery and the people. One of the main advantages of being an expat working here is the quality of life – it’s balanced and almost stress free. Working for Euroccor for me is a journey. I started as an Agent and now - 2 years later - I’m a Team lead. Euroccor gave me the opportunity to learn and grow, personally and professionally. But probably the biggest advantage for me is, that in Euroccor I found a lot of new friends, it feels like home here.”

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