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In a dynamic and result-driven company culture you will work to create an excellent customer experience. Responsibility, respect and honesty are some of our core values!

Since we believe that quality has its price, we offer more than just an attractive remuneration package. 


Our teams are result-oriented and have a success mindset.  We celebrate our achievements and successes within a pleasant atmosphere. We challenge ourselves by pushing our teams to think outside the box, by trying the unusual, by breaking the routines and shifting boundaries.  It is our way to discover what we are capable of and discover our great strengths. We like to think and act out of the ordinary expectations as long as this brings talent upfront and helps achieve the result.

Benefits in working with us

Working for Euroccor gives you the opportunity to explore and to get involved in many areas of the business. You enjoy the challenge of working cross functionally across the business. No two days are ever really the same.

Euroccor always encourages people to live a healthy life. With us you can take advantage of participating in variety of company sport activities and keep a healthy and happy life. We truly believe that “healthy mind - healthy body” connection is the key to much happier life.

Our first company value states “Have Fun in the Office” and that’s not just a coincidence. We believe that happy employees make happy customers. That’s why we are focused in securing friendly and balanced

Euroccor ensures on the job trainings and supporting its employees. You are the engine of our company! Your performance is a key factor in our success. To train you, we are investing in your personal development and review your progression opportunities within our company. We take as the best of each employee. Result: You are a proud member of Euroccor and go to work every morning with a smile.

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“Our people make the difference”

Meet Mark

Senior Contact Center Agent

Quality and service that is our motto!

Meet Denitza

Contact Center Manager

Emotional, human, understanding, caring, creative that is what Euroccor is to me. It is here where I get the chance to explore different challenges and cultures, learn on the job, observe people with natural talent grow and learn from them, exchange, work in respect of our differences and backgrounds and together stay on top of our game in order to be successful in a very dynamic environment. I get to explore new paths, new ways of doing things and as long as I keep the big picture in sight I’m given the green light to proceed with my ideas, couldn’t ask for more.

Meet KC

Contact Center Agent

I work for so many years in Euroccor because of the friendly and not stressful atmosphere in the company. Every time I needed help to find a solution to a problem during these years, which depended of Euroccor, I have been always supported.

Meet Anthony

Sales Development Manager

Our people make the difference. Absolutely!
But more than just the people, it’s what they do, their drive, who they are, their talent, their attitude, their enthusiasm and ambition that make the difference; The interaction between them, with our clients, with our customers.
In a totally flexible, independent business environment no dinosaur-stories, no outdated theories, but lean and sharp, with a real life approach; allowing for fast decision-making and continuous evolvement.
It’s this combination that takes us – together with our clients – to the next level and beyond. Because mediocrity just isn’t our thing.

Meet Gergana

Team Lead

While considering that coming to work for Euroccor as an agent would be a step back in my professional evolution, I have found it was a big step forward.

Meet Vasilka

Contact Center Agent

My job is a daily challenge for me, which drives me to search and find a solution for every customer, to give my best! Working in a team of professionals allows me to learn new things, to grow and to improve my skills. The friendly environment is what makes me come to work with a smile on my face!