31 May 2019

Top benefits in starting a job in Customer service

Top benefits in starting a job in Customer service

Are you a recent graduate or just looking to make a career change? Looking for an entry into a line of business, and not exactly sure where to start? Why not consider a role in customer service? While likely not your first choice, and possibly also something you may not have even considered, a role in customer service can be a great opportunity!
There are many benefits in the role of customer service and before you make up your mind, take a look at some of the benefits.

1.    Improving your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is important in every aspect of people’s life. It is no secret that emotionally intelligent people tend to get along better with others. They are more empathetic, compassionate and are likely to be more successful in life.
Working as a customer service representative in Euroccor is an excellent way to improve your emotional intelligence, as you get to communicate with a lot of different people on a daily basis.  Learning to understand how the customer feels in a particular situation and how you can respond better on their emotions is an invaluable trait. While reacting is an unconscious way of expressing or relieving emotions, responding is a conscious process that involves paying attention to your feelings and deciding how to behave. Working as a customer service representative gives you exactly that – an opportunity to practice responding instead of reacting every day. This will defiantly improve your decision-making process in the future and you will end up making better choices.

2.    You will get instant job gratification when a customer’s issue is solved

Perhaps one of the best things working in customer service is the instant gratification that comes after a job well done for another person. There are so many professions and jobs out there where it takes months or even years to receive appreciation and gratitude, but a genuine “Thank You” from all the satisfied customers every day is what you get working at customer service.   

3.    You will learn how to effectively solve problems

One of the many advantages of working in customer service at Euroccor is learning how to effectively solve problems. Mastering this skill is a great asset to have in your arsenal of professional competences, simply because it will serve you in any future career paths you want to peruse. At Euroccor we invest in our people development by providing them the opportunity to learn on the job. Moreover, being a successful problem solver in your work will definitely make you feel confident and can boost your mood. It simply makes you feel fulfilled.

4.    Promotions may come quickly

No matter if you’ve just graduated or come with experience, starting a job in customer service always begins with a specific training program.  Once you learn about the specifics of the job and start being committed and perform well, a promotion is not very far away. At Euroccor there are many senior roles which are solely filled from within the company. With promotions, there are more responsibility, higher income and of course opportunity for development and further growth.

5.    You will improve your communication skills

Enjoying daily interactions with people is not for everybody, but if you’re a naturally outgoing person, then working as a customer care representative might be exactly what you’re looking for. Having outstanding communication skills is a great asset. Starting your career in customer service in Euroccor sets you on the right track for building and growing these skills over the course of the rest of your working life.

6.    You will be working with Great People in a multinational environment

Because of the specifics of the business and with companies going global, the contact centers are full of great multilingual people. You will have the chance to get to know other cultures, broaden your horizons and meet people with a different background. At Euroccor we create a friendly working environment and our numerous fun events are designed to strengthen our teams, give everyone new impulses and bring our people together. You can see for yourself what our people say about Life@Euroccohttps://www.euroccor.com/life-euroccor

The skills you gain in a customer service office-based job are transferable to other lines of business and can make you a more well-rounded candidate for future jobs. Not only will you have experience in a customer-focused setting, but you’ll gain firsthand experience with both team and independent work, conflict resolution and problem-solving, working to a deadline, KPIs or targets, working in an office setting, direct customer contact and care, and administration skills.

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