18 September 2013

Euroccor celebrating the International Contact Centre Week for a second time

The time between September 10th and September 17th was again dedicated to celebrating the International Contact Centre Week. The offices of Euroccor hosted various events, among which a Sweet Day with a Smile Attitude, a Trashball tournament (‘basketball’ with paper balls and trash bins) and a Hat Day when all employees brightened up the office atmosphere by wearing a funny hat.
The main focus of the week was the Euroccor Charity Food-Fest. Volunteering team-members of various nationalities prepared home-made sweets and meals for their fellow Euroccorians to buy and all income went to support our Good Cause.
The week was closed by the Euroccor Team-Day and the Appreciation Day where branded mugs were given to the employees along with a personalized Certificate of Appreciation, especially designed for each team-member by their superior.
The International Contact Centre Week is considered yet another opportunity for the Management to show their respect and gratitude for Euroccor’s dedicated team of professionals. Keep up the great work!