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14 January 2019
Top reasons to live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria

12 reasons to live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria

Why Bulgaria? Whether you’re searching for a job opportunity in a foreign country or you want to experience new culture or maybe you’re simply an adventurer looking for a new place to discover, welcome to Bulgaria – the undiscovered pearl of Europe. Bulgaria with a population of 7.5 million is situated in Southeast Europe and has borders with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey. To the east, it has a glorious...
12 July 2018

5 Tips for your first day at your new job!

We all know how stressful the first day at your new job can be. Although you’re probably excited, usually those first days can be also very nerve-racking. First impressions are everything, and if you want to show that you were the right pick, you need to be well prepared. Here some tips on how to impress your boss and coworkers on your first day. 1.    Plan your time and start early Time management is a very essential skill...
30 March 2018

Eures chose Euroccor for their short film "Your first EURES Job"

The European's commission job mobility portal Eures has chosen Euroccor as an example how easy and professional finding a job within EU and Bulgaria can be. In their short movie "Your first EURES job" our colleague Desirée’s shares her experience with Euroccor in order to help young people from all over Europe making the decision to live and work in Bulgaria. Our HR Manager explains how easy and organized the process of...
26 January 2018

Euroccor is participating again in Emigration Fair in Expo Houten, the Netherlands!

This year we are meeting you again on the Emigration Fair in Expo Houten, the Netherlands. The 22nd edition of the Fair takes place on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February 2018 in Expo Houten and this year focus theme is “Contact Center Jobs Europe”.   This event is organized in cooperation with EURES, who will have a stand on the fair and where you can obtain more information on working abroad.   The Emigration Fair has been...
23 October 2017

Euroccor join forces with the second largest Benelux contact center group Mifratel

On October 12th 2017 Euroccor has realized a new strategic change of ownership by joining forces with MIFRATEL Group. Mifratel is established in 2002 and is the second largest contact center group in the Benelux. The company operates on both Belgian and Dutch contact center markets, which are very competitive, dynamic and subject to constant change. Sharing the same values and business philosophy, both Euroccor and Mifratel through this joint...
3 May 2017

7 Tips to Improve Your Prospects in an Interview

If you impress your interviewers, you'll improve your chances of landing the job you really want. No matter how good your people skills may be, interviews are always a stressful time. You're meeting a group of people you're unfamiliar with; you don't know what they like or what they're looking for, no matter how much you prepare. However, these 7 tips will help you impress your interviewers--regardless of who...
21 April 2017

Team Building 2017 is ahead! Time to have fun again!

It’s finally time again for our Team Building 2017. Every year, no matter if it’s Rafting (like last year), Quest games or just get together, our team buildings are always memorable. Apart from getting to know each other better and making new friends we definitely know how to have a lot fun! Another day full of fun, games, laughter and just good mood is ahead of us –  Euroccor Team building 2017! This year we will go for...
3 February 2016

ECCS (EN 15838) yearly audit at Euroccor was successful

The New Year started with great news for us at Euroccor. We are very proud to announce that for third year in a row we have fulfilled the European Contact Center Standard - EN 15838 requirements, remaining the only ECCS certified Contact Center in Bulgaria. Developed in response to a European Commission mandate, the EN 15838 standard aims to encourage the development of CCC services that are not only effective, high quality and cost-efficient but...
11 December 2015

Job Promotion - Denitza Koeva - Contact Center Manager

Today we are happy and grateful that Denitza Koeva, currently holding the position of Deputy Contact Center Manager, has accepted our CEO's offer to promote her to Contact Center Manager, effective January 1, 2016.  In her current role, Denitza has proven many times over her ability to take firm yet well-reflected decisions, to lead by example, skill and knowledge and negotiate successfully with potential and actual clients, as well as...
8 May 2015

Subway extension to Euroccor offices opens.

Today, 8th of May, the extension of line 1 of the Sofia subway will be a fact and the subway will be reaching our office and Business Park Sofia. The underground access is within walking distance (150 m) of our office. The total cost of the project amounts to € 44M and the new segment will be used by more than 42,000 people on a daily basis. It will facilitate and shorten the daily travelling of our employees substantially.