14 January 2019

12 reasons to live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria

Why Bulgaria?

Whether you’re searching for a job opportunity in a foreign country or you want to experience new culture or maybe you’re simply an adventurer looking for a new place to discover, welcome to Bulgaria – the undiscovered pearl of Europe.

Bulgaria with a population of 7.5 million is situated in Southeast Europe and has borders with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey. To the east, it has a glorious coastline along the Black Sea. Considering its small size, Bulgaria has a great variety of geographical features and is divided into plains, hills, mountains, gorges, and deep river valleys. 

The benefits of life in Bulgaria include the climate, beaches, a breathtaking countryside, a relaxed lifestyle, friendly people who welcome foreigners, cheap prices, a stable economy, and increasing employment opportunities, especially in the BPO sector. With its stable economy growth and low taxes, Bulgaria has attracted a lot of global companies who established part of their business here.

The lifestyle that comes with living in Bulgaria is the biggest attraction. Relaxing on the beach in the summertime, skiing during winter, playing golf, and walking in the mountains are all leisure activities that you can enjoy. The vast landscape of Bulgaria provides many new opportunities. 

◉  Low cost of living 
Probably the biggest advantage of being and expat working in Sofia is the low cost of living. With what you earn, working for Euroccor in the BPO sector, you can afford very good lifestyle.

◉  Beverages and food outside
Beer: 1.5 EUR, Pizza: 5 EUR, Salad: 3 EUR, Vodka: 2 EUR, Coffee: 1 EUR

◉  Groceries 
Prices are about the half of what you'll see in other EU markets.

◉  Services 
Very cheap in Bulgaria. Fiber Internet 50 MBPS: 5 -7 EUR a month; Men's haircut: 5 EUR, Women's hairstyle, including coloring: 15 EUR, Manicure: 5-7 EUR, Taxi 0,45 cents per km, rent: 250-300 EUR per month

◉  Very green city with beautiful nature
Sofia offers a lot of big and very green parks where you can take a walk with your friends or just relax on the grass.  Situated in the foot of Vitosha Mountain, Sofia offers a beautiful nature brought in the city.

◉  Great Night life
What foreigners and tourists say about Sofia is that it has great night life. Bulgarians have a reputation as social, naturally curious and warm-hearted people who know how to have a party and share a good laugh. Sofia is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer. You can find restaurants, bars and clubs for every taste. The night life of Sofia is available almost every night and the city center streets are full of people from Monday to Sunday!

◉  Rich history and culture
Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe and has a very ancient and rich history. At the edge of Europe and Asia, almost all of the great ancient cultures and civilizations have made their mark. The Thracian, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and the Ottoman Empire have all left behind a multitude of monuments, such as tombs, structures, temples and mosques.

◉  Relaxed pace of life
Even though Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria with a little bit more than a million population, you don’t feel the stress and the dynamics of living in a big city like London, Paris or Rome. Everything is within close proximity and pace of life is really relaxed.

◉  A lot of sport and recreational activities available
In Sofia you can find a lot of indoor&outdoor sports and recreation activities all year round. Football, tennis, hiking, skiing, swimming, spa centers, you name it!  The variety of entertainments will make your free time memorable here.

◉  Safety
Sofia is a very safe city to live in. Bulgaria hasn’tbeen involved in a war since the Second world war. The country is peaceful and safe, accepting different cultures and religions. Sofia is maybe the only one city in Europe where within 500 sq.m distance you can find a church, a mosque, and a synagogue.

◉  Flavorsome cuisine
Bulgaria’s cuisine is fresh and delicious. With outstanding regional vegetables, fragrant spices and quality barbecued meats, Bulgarian cuisine is an absolute Balkan jewel.

◉  Great climate
Northern Europe is rainy and cool all year round and the Mediterranean doesn’t boast the Christmas delight of a snowy winter. How about a proper hot summer and a cold, snowy winter, with pleasant spring and autumn in between? Bulgaria’s climate gets the best of the north and the south. It’s usually dry and sunny, but temperatures vary greatly between seasons, unlike Germany or England, where seasonal temperature differences are much smaller.

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